Thursday, February 28, 2008

Beginnings of the new website!

So I've started the big website revamp (or reskull as it were, lol). I'm having so much fun with it! It's fairly bare bones right now, but if you want to check it out, here's the link:

Got any critique? Suggestions? Love to hear what people have to say before I get back to work on it in a few days. Right now, there's no more time to play :(. Gotta finish up a 110k grown up book edit and get it turned in by tomorrow morning. Ack! But I'm on my final read through, so I think I'll be good to go.

Happy Thursday,

Stacey Jay

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Informal Review another Zombie book "Happy Hour of the Damned"

Okay, like you haven't heard enough about this Mark Henry guy lately, right? I mean, that man is all over the internet hoing his newly released book self around.

As well he should be! I can only hope to be one half as hoilicious as Mr. Henry come time for my own book release next year :).

So this isn't a "real" review because I don't do those. I can't be counted on to focus sufficiently to sum up the content of a book. (I mean, since I sat down to write this I've been interrupted three times to put on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, find a misplaced gray sock, and wipe toddler bottom. If I did the sum up thing, I'd never get anything posted.) But this is an honest and wholehearted recommendation for you to buy this book and clear a few hours in your schedule to read it. IMMEDIATELY!

This may very well be the best grown up zombie novel ever. (Mine is Young Adult, and though I don't think I'm nearly as clever as Mark, I have to act like I think I am so I can sell mad books yo.) Snarky, hysterical, wildly entertaining and inventive, I devoured the last three fourths of Happy Hour of the Damned in one sitting and was still rabid-zombie-hunting-for-brains hungry for more.

Mr. Henry may be the only author I've ever read who succeeded in making me LOVE a book when I actually didn't care much for the heroine. Amanda Feral is a self centered, egotistical (just got interrupted again to wipe boogie nose and kiss a hurt finger) bitch who I began to dislike by the middle of the book because she was clearly way more gorgeous and fabulous than I am (even though she's dead with scary blue veins and creepy cold skin). Her knowledge of clothes and shoes and everything else chickish so far exceeded my own, I often had no idea what she was talking about, and I credit myself as a gal who can get dressed up with the best of them given the time and a babysitter. (Any volunteers?)

Yet still I rooted for Amanda, hung breathless on her every word, and reveled in the unparalleled hysterical detail of Mark Henry's descriptions. And just to make it clear, I don't rave about books that often. I love to read, but it's rare I find something that sweeps me into its twisted embrace with such power.

So thank you Mark Henry. You should be damned proud. Now I'm just praying I'll be getting an ARC of the next Feral book ASAP. I'm already jonesing for more.

In the meantime, I suppose I'll have to pass the time experimenting with some of the yummy sounding zombie drinks Mark so kindly provided in his inserts, lol. This Mom may not be fabulous, but she can certainly give luscious a try ;).

Stacey Jay

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Official Title!!

Whoo hoo!!

"Confessions of a Teenage Zombie Queen" is now, officially retitled, "YOU ARE SO UNDEAD TO ME"

I love it! (As you might be able to tell from all the exclamation points, lol.).

My editors, agent, publisher, and I have been in deep torment trying to rename this book for about a month now, tossing out ideas only to have them shot down by each other or the marketing department. But thankfully, we all stuck with it until we found something we are all THRILLED with. I went around telling my children how undead they were to me all day yesterday I was so excited.

Bad news, I may have convinced 9 that this is a new 'cool phrase' that she should try out on her friends at school. Heh heh. Oh well, maybe she'll start a trend. Or some advanced buzz for her adorable stepmother's book....hmmm.....there's an idea....

The good news is that I now have the title for my first middle grade book! "Boy Eats Girl", a tale of a newly undead zombie and a rogue brain eater loose at her new undead school. Woot! Can't wait to get my partial and synopsis for that cleaned up.

Once I get finished with all these damned edits...ugh...

But the end is in site! Just completed my first pass through my 100k historical UF and the second revision of "You are so Undead to me". Now all I have to do is a second read for both, whip up a snarky glossary of Zombie Settler terms for the YA, and zip through a first edit for a smut short story and I'll have a week or two to play while I redesign my Stacey Jay site.

I want something undeadlicious...with some zombies maybe?...anyone know a good site for getting royalty free creepy pics? The flowers I have on my site (and blog) now have got to go.

Stacey Jay