Thursday, January 29, 2009

Book Signing in Oxford, MS. February 6th

I'll be signing at Off Square Books at 6 pm on February 6th followed by Zombie Party goodness from 8:30 until the last corpse shuffles off to their grave. Here is the kick-ass flier, book seller, Jilleen Moore made to promote the event.

Go Jill! Can't wait to meet you next weekend.

Unfortunately, I had to reschedule my signing in Jonesboro this weekend due to massive ice storms in northern Arkansas. Sad :(, but I'll get there Jonesboro.

Have a great super bowl weekend everyone and hope to see a few of you in Oxford for the party next weekend,

Stacey Jay

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Interview Madness! Book Signing Part Deux

It's time for more Debutante 2009 blog tour. Follow the magic links below to immerse yourself in even more interview madness. Stacey Jay, you will be soaking in it by the time all this is done!

Hope you enjoy. These Debs asked some very interesting and, at times, hilarious questions.

1/27 Heather Duffy-Stone

1/28 Sarah MacLean

1/29 Neesha Meminger

1/30 Carrie Ryan

1/31 C. Lee McKenzie

2/1 Leigh Brescia

Have a great week! I'll be checking in after my Jonesboro book signing next week with more links. If you happen to be in Jonesboro, Arkansas this weekend, however, and would like to get your copy of "You are so Undead to Me" signed by yours truly, I'll be signing at the Hastings Books Music and Video on Caraway Road from 12-3 in the afternoon. I'd love to see you and will have a few goodies to give away, so come on down. Ya hear? (Little southern flavah there at the end.)

Happy Tuesday,

Stacey Jay

Monday, January 26, 2009

Author Spotlight Up on Author's Now

So got check it out. They've got a great site over there. Very shiny with lots of pretty book covers.

Also, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone out there. Go year of the Ox!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

IT'S OUT!!! And blog tour madness ensues!!


I can't believe it's really happening. I'm at a loss for words. BUT NOT AT A LOSS FOR SENTENCES WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS! I <3 MY CAPS LOCK! I conceived and birthed an entire new person and still had time left to burn waiting for this day to come around. So's big. Really big.

I'm getting ready to head out and scope a few book store shelves like a huge dork, but if you'd like to read some interviews in which I speak more eloquently about my book and am occasionally funny or clever or interestingly strange, please check out the following stops on the Debs blog tour. The Debs are a fabulous group of 2009 debut authors and I am lucky enough to be the first among them to release so they are graciously hosting me on their blogs. I'll be having all of them back over for a visit throughout the year so be sure to keep stopping back by. These are really some very talented people and I'll be proud to pimp their lit here on my blog.

So starting today and running through this weekend, check out these peeps. Then, stop back on Tuesday for a new set of links. I'll be touring for the next month so you'll have more Stacey Jay interview action than you can handle. I'm told it's impossible to overdose on blog tour, however, so you should be fine :).

1/22 Jenny Moss

1/23 Erin Dionne

1/24 Saundra Mitchell

1/25 Cynthia Liu

1/26 J.E. Macleod

And just in case you crave more from me today, the ever sweet and also zombie loving Amanda Ashby is hosting me on her blog today! Thanks Amanda!

And thanks to everyone who has read or will read my book. You all rock.

Happy Thursday,

Stacey Jay

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big Bitten by Books Interview and Contest

Hey all!

I'm over at Bitten by Books today with an interview and a contest! So come stop by and ask me some more questions if you'd like and get entered to win a "You are so Undead to Me" t-shirt or an Amazon gift card!

Here's the link:

Ack! Back with more links tomorrow. This week is a little crazy. So much pre-release stuff to be done!

Stacey Jay

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"You are So Undead to Me" Gets 5 Tombstones!

"You are So Undead to Me" scored 5 out of 5 tombstones from Bitten by Books!

"Stacey Jay has really scored a hit. Megan is a heroine that teenagers will relate to and root for...Ms. Jay has a real gift for weaving humor and drama together. The plot keeps you guessing until the very end and I guarantee, you will not be disappointed. I am already anxiously awaiting her next project."

-Lori for Bitten by Books
You can check out the entire review here:

The book releases in a week! Exactly a week from today. I can't believe the big day is already here. Ack! Would be stressing way more if the baby weren't crying now. He doesn't care if Mama has a good review, he's giving me 3 out of 5 diapers in coddling my offspring.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The T-shirt!

Hey! Here's the graphic for the "You are So Undead to Me T-Shirt"! I love it, and am going to be giving away a few of these on t-shirts in the coming month. It's almost my release date and holy cow is there a bunch of stuff to do.

But right now the 8 week old is screaming for milk, so I'll just could win a t-shirt. Stay tuned for details and all the latest pre-release party madness later this week.

Stacey Jay