Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Smart Btiches Have Spoken

I've been reviewed by Smart Bitches, Trashy Books!

I swear, it's just an honor to be reviewed...and not horribly skewered (a C is still a passing grade, people!). Here's a bit of what Smart Bitch Sarah had to say:

"Stacey Jay writes in a friendly, easy style that readers looking for a fun and low-impact read will enjoy, and the otherworldly elements are woven into the story from the heroine’s perspective so that the reader and the narrator discover that world simultaneously."

Oooo....that's nice!

"Jay has a wonderfully cinematic style to her writing, and her descriptions hold a clarity that allowed me to picture the scenes in my head as if I were watching them on tv. I could see this as a teen show...picked up for a season or two, or more. I like the heroine, and I like the dude set up as the hero.”

That's nice too! Yeay!

The other bits....aren't so positive, but that's okay. I can see SMS's point on some of her critique and, as always, it's a thrill to see a woman out there speaking her mind without worrying about hurting people's preshush wittle feewings.

And I hope someone in TV-land is reading that review right now and calls my agent wanting to talk series, man! That would be all kinds of nifty.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you'd like to read the entire review or comment on what SMS had to say, you can find all the reviewy goodness here:



Stacey Jay

Sunday, March 29, 2009

There are Zombies in California-Indie Spotlight: The Book Loft

Ahhhh, Solvang, California. Gateway to Santa Barbara wine country, lovely little spot off Highway 101 north, town filled with Danish-themed restaurants and shops that remind me of the Pinnochio ride at Disneyland except...bigger...and with more wine and yummy Danish pastry and fewer donkey boys and man eating whales.

It was here that I found....the Book Loft. A darling store where they were having a book signing the day I arrived!

No, it wasn't a "You are So Undead to Me" signing, but I did sign my book...

Yeay! Book. I will hold it up for you to be seeing its bookness...

And after signing said book, I got to chat a bit with the owner of the Book Loft, the lovely Kathy. Kathy is a great indie bookseller and an all-around nice lady who said the zombies were welcome anytime in California. She also adores her Penguin rep so good-on-ya central California Penguin rep! (Let's have some wine the next time I'm out in Solvang ;)).

Now for a gratuitous shot of my hubby wearing our baby outside the bookstore:

Men wearing babies=cuteness and manliness all in one.

Thanks for tuning in for Indie Spotlight, now back to your regularly scheduled non-wine-and-Danish-town related blogging. (Sigh...I miss California already!)

Stacey Jay

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Flux book has a TITLE!!

I can't believe I forgot to share this a loooooonnnnnngggg time ago! (Actually, I can believe it, it's been like a constant zombie-plague around this joint. So many sicknesses I can't even remember them all. They run together in one endless stream of blechk. Srsly, if everyone doesn't get well and stay well for at least a few weeks, I may run away from home and join the circus. Because no one ever gets sick when they're in the circus. This is a fact.)

Anyway, without further ado....the title....of my upcoming book....available from Flux books in spring 2010....is.....

Yeay!! I love it . It wasn't my first choice, but I love it. And, I may have cover news very soon. Whee!

Okay, hope everyone has a great spring break. I'm headed to California, armed with beach reads, and will be back next weekend.


Stacey Jay

Debutante Blog Tour: Heather Duffy Stone

Hey all!

Time for the blog tour again. Today we've got Heather Duffy Stone, one of my imprint pals from Flux. (More about that in a moment...)

But now: Heather Duffy Stone!

About This is What I Want to Tell You

The stories people tell are always about the things we left behind, and about the things we wish we could do again. The real story isn't about what you know; it's about what you wish you knew then. When my brother and my best friend fell in love—that was the end of everything I knew.

Fraternal twins Nadio and Noelle share a close connection—and as Noelle's best friend since they were five, Keeley Shipley fit perfectly into their world. But everything changes after Keeley spends the summer before junior year at Oxford. When Keeley returns, Nadio falls in love with her. Noelle, ripped apart by resentment, sees her as an ungrateful rich girl. But Keeley has a painful story that she can't tell yet. As Nadio and Keeley hide their romance, Noelle dives into something of her own—a destructive affair with an older boy.

Beautifully presented by dual narrators in a haunting stream of memories, this is the deeply moving story of how secrets can consume a friendship—and how love can heal it.

About Heather Duffy-Stone

Heather Duffy Stone writes stories and essays that are mostly inspired by high school—either her own or someone else’s. This Is What I Want to Tell You is her first novel. She has lived in Vermont, England, Los Angeles, rural New York and Rome, Italy. For now she cooks, sleeps, explores, writes and teaches in Brooklyn, New York.

Additional Details
Author Web site:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/This-What-Want-Tell-You/dp/073871450X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1231340145&sr=8-1

Sounds great Heather! Ya'll can find this one wherever those fine books are sold,

Stacey Jay

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Debutante Blog Tour: Neesha Meminger

About Shine, Coconut Moon

Samar–a.k.a. Sam–is an Indian-American teenager whose mom has kept her away from her old-fashioned family. It's never bothered Sam, who is busy with school, friends, and a demanding boyfriend. But things change after 9/11. A guy in a turban shows up at Sam's house–and turns out to be her uncle. He wants to reconcile the family and teach Sam about her Sikh heritage. Sam is eager, but when boys attack her uncle, chanting "Go back home, Osama!," Sam realizes she could be in danger–and also discovers how dangerous ignorance is.

About Neesha Meminger

Neesha Meminger was born in India, grew up in Canada, and currently lives in New York City with her family. All of her writing explores the inner landscape of her characters, and how it merges or conflicts with the outer. She writes stories of women and girls defining themselves and shaping their own destinies within the confines of their day to day realities.

Additional Details

* Author Web site: http://www.NeeshaMeminger.com
* Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Shine-Coconut-Moon-Neesha-Meminger/dp/1416954953/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1225987472&sr=1-1

1. If you had to kill off one of your characters which one would it be? Why him/her?

Maybe the grandfather? I can't kill any of them! I've just become too darn attached to the buggers, I guess.

2. Would you consider having this character come back from the dead? Why or why not?

Hmm, that actually is a very appealing idea. Particularly with the grandfather -- I could totally see him coming back and being this staid ancestor who hangs out giving sage, but completely unnecessary advice.

3. What's the strangest thing eaten in the course of your book? (If it's brains you get ten bonus points!)

Sadly, the strangest thing would have to be Chinese noodles from Wok This Way.

4. Random sharing time, what do you want my zombie-blog-author readers to know about your book?

I think they'll enjoy taking a walk on the non-zombie side for a very brief interlude. Then back to brain chomping!

Very cool Neesha! Thanks so much for stopping by! Everyone go check out 'Shine, Coconut Moon' wherever fine books are sold.

Happy Wednesday,

Stacey Jay

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A very zombie St. Patty's day to you!

Okay, so this was as close as I could get to a leprechaun zombie. It's a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) zombie. Which is pretty freaking fabulous, and the perfect gift for all your friends of mixed Mexican and Irish descent. (Don't snicker. My oldest son is half Irish-half Cuban...which is not Mexican...but...they speak Spanish in Cuba so...yeah. Take that, rewind it back and tell me who just made your booty go smack!)

But I did find something even scarier than a zombie leprechaun...these guys:

AHHHHHH!!!! What are they?!! A troll/leprechaun hybrid? Some sort of rabid dwarf in traditional Irish dress? God, the horror!!

Whatever they are, I suspect they eat children.

So stay away. Far, far away.

And finally, I'll remind you that St. Patrick's day isn't about amateur drinkers chugging beer, it's about a man who got rid of a bunch of snakes in the name of god.

Or something like that....

This educational installation of Stacey Jay's blog has been brought to you by the letter E for "exhaustion" and the number 4 (the hours of sleep I snagged last night).

Have a fabulous day all!

Stacey Jay

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Debutante Blog Tour: Carrie Ryan

Today's Debutante is...Carrie Ryan, author of THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH!


In Mary's world, there are simple truths. The Sisterhood always knows best. The Guardians will protect and serve. The Unconsecrated will never relent. And you must always mind the fence that surrounds the village. The fence that protects the village from the Forest of Hands and Teeth.

But slowly, Mary's truths are failing her. She's learning things she never wanted to know about the Sisterhood and its secrets, and the Guardians and their power. And, when the fence is breached and her world is thrown into chaos, about the Unconsecrated and their relentlessness.

Now she must choose between her village and her future, between the one she loves and the one who loves her. And she must face the truth about the Forest of Hands and Teeth. Could there be life outside a world surrounded by so much death?

About Carrie Ryan

Born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina, Carrie Ryan is a graduate of Williams College and Duke University School of Law. A former litigator, she now writes full time. She lives with her writer/lawyer fiancé, two fat cats and one large puppy in Charlotte, North Carolina. They are not at all prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

1. If you had to kill off one of your characters which one would it be? Why him/her?

I refuse to answer that question for fear of implicating myself. Let me just say, I have no problem killing off characters...

2. Would you consider having this character come back from the dead? Why or why not?

Erm... see above. I actually do have a character or two come back from the dead - lol! Fellow zombie writers unite!!

3. What's the strangest thing eaten in the course of your book? (If it's brains you get ten bonus points!)

Brains! Actually my zombies are less picky and are fine with any kind of human flesh.

4. Random sharing time, what do you want my zombie-blog-author readers to know about your book?

That my book has zombies too, so if you like zombies, hopefully you'll like The Forest of Hands and Teeth!

WHOO HOO!! Carrie! Love having a fellow zombie deb over to the blog! You all can find "The Forest of Hands and Teeth" wherever fine zombie books are sold:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Forest-Hands-Teeth-Carrie-Ryan/dp/0385736819/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1225030123&sr=8-1



And learn more about Carrie here:

Author Web site: http://www.carrieryan.com

Until next time!

Stacey Jay

Friday, March 13, 2009

Author may be flammable!!

So, I'm getting ready to start my preparations for starting to get ready for the preparation I'll need to do to get prepared to get ready to speak at the Arkansas Literary Festival...

Gah! Can you feel the intimidation? Even my blog is procrastinating.

I have no idea what to do to "wow and entertain" my audience. Should I stand on my head while reading a selection for my book? Dress as a zombie and attack people as they come into the session? Project a large green head on the wall and hide behind a curtain and pretend I'm the wizard of zombie? Blerghghhghg.....

There is stress, there is indecision, there is the fact that I am really an introvert much more comfortable hiding behind my keyboard. But I'm thinking of doing a Large Pad presentation a la Demetri Martin (he cracks me up), then a reading of "amusing selections" from the work--YOU ARE SO UNDEAD TO ME, in stores now!--and then a question and answer session.

What do you think? Any suggestions? Advice for the speaking-afeared?

Happy Weekend!

Stacey Jay

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not a Zombie, Is Captain Adorable

Gratuitous Cuteness....enjoy it. And also Jungle Socks are awesome. That is all.

Stacey Jay

Friday, March 6, 2009

Debutante Blog Tour: Sarah Maclean

About The Season

Seventeen-year-old Lady Alexandra Stafford doesn't fit into the world of Regency London — she's strong-willed, sharp-tongued, and she absolutely loathes dress fittings. Unfortunately, her mother has been waiting for years for Alex to be old enough to take part in the social whirlwind of a London Season so she can be married off to someone safe, respectable, wealthy, and almost certainly boring. But Alex is much more interested in adventure than romance.

Between sumptuous balls, lavish dinner parties and country weekends, Alex, along with her two best friends, Ella and Vivi, manages to get entangled in her biggest scrape yet. When the Earl of Blackmoor is killed in a puzzling accident, Alex decides to help his son, the brooding and devilishly handsome Gavin, uncover the truth. It's a mystery brimming with espionage, murder, and suspicion. As she and Gavin grow closer, will Alex's heart be stolen in the process?

Romance and danger fill the air, as this year's Season begins!

About Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean is the author of THE SEASON, a YA novel coming in March 2009 from Scholastic. She grew up in Rhode Island, where she spent much of her free time bemoaning the fact that she was more than a century too late for own Season. Her unabashed addiction to historical fiction helped to earn her a degree in European History from Smith College before she moved to New York City to pursue a career in publishing. After receiving a Masters in Education from Harvard University, Sarah returned to New York, where she lives with her husband, their dog, and a ridiculously large collection of romance novels. She is currently working on a series of regency-set romances to be released in 2010 from Avon/HarperCollins.

Additional Details

Author Web site: http://www.macleanspace.com

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Season-Sarah-MacLean/dp/0545048869/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1230416170&sr=1-1

Barnes & Noble:


Sounds mah-ve-lous!! Check it out, ya'll,

Stacey Jay

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Debutante Blog Tour: J. E. MacLeod


About Waiting to Score

When Zachary Chase was a baby, his dad, an NHL star, died on the road --in a car full of groupies. Now fifteen, Zack struggles with his own hockey skills and the risk of turning out like his Dad. Soon incidents on ice and off force Zack to dig deeper to find out who he really is--and what he wants. Zack discovers things are not always the way they seem. Especially with girls.

About J.E. MacLeod

J.E.'s path to becoming an author was a windy one. After college, she wrote advertising copy for radio and then television and eventually moved on to work in sales and marketing for too many years.

After having a son, J.E. followed her dreams and wrote her first book. Once she started writing YA, she felt like she’d found her home and has been writing it ever since. J.E. lives near the Canadian Rockies with her husband and son and a new puppy named Meeko. She does not live in an Igloo or play hockey, but she does love maple syrup and says “eh” a lot.

NOW! Four questions with the lady herself:

1. If you had to kill off one of your characters which one would it be? Why him/her?

Well. One of my characters in my book does die, but I won't say who because that would be a spoiler, right? I guess the only real way to know, is to read WAITING TO SCORE. Hee hee.

2. Would you consider having this character come back from the dead? Why or why not?

Oh. If this character came back from the dead I think it would be tragic. It's a suicide so it kind of breaks my heart to even think it. My story is very contemporary. The undead would really shake things up. Hmm. Maybe there's a sequel in there somewhere. Giggle.

3. What's the strangest thing eaten in the course of your book? (If it's brains you get ten bonus points!)

A hockey puck? No. Seriously, I think the weirdest would be an illegal punch at a Halloween house party that had peeled green grapes in it for eyeballs. I assume some people ate the eyeballs for fun?

4. Random sharing time, what do you want my zombie-blog-author readers to know about your book?

I would love your blog readers to know that they don't have to be hockey fans to enjoy WAITING TO SCORE. Yes, it is the main character's passion, but the story is about much more than sports. I hope guys and girls alike will really love Zack, the main character and relate to some of the things he and his friends have to deal with.

Thanks for dropping by J.E!

Stacey Jay

Monday, March 2, 2009

4 Star Review from Romantic Times and Zombies take over Walmart


"Jay takes what could be a predictable plot and makes it super entertaining. Megan is smart -- believably so -- and the story is quick and engaging. Watch out for this fun new series!"

Yeay, that's exciting! Almost as exciting as the Walmart siting picture above. Yes! YASUTM could be at a Walmart near you! (For a girl raised in Arkansas, home of Sam Walton, that's just about as exciting as life gets. You know you've made it when you see your book at The Walmarts, as my dad used to call it.)

Have a great week all!

Stacey Jay