Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Debutante Blog Tour: C. Lee McKenzie

About Sliding on the Edge

Shawna Stone is a heartbeat away from making the worst mistake anyone can. She’s close to taking her own life. Kay Stone is a grandmother Shawna has never known, and at sixty-four Kay feels there is little left in her life to look forward to. When they are thrown together they circle each other in a crucible of secrets and distrust until saving a doomed horse unites them and gives each a reason to live.

About C. Lee McKenzie

A native Californian, C. Lee McKenzie has always been a writer, but to eat and make contributions to children's college funds, she’s also been a university lecturer and administrator. Lee’s written and published non-fiction articles, both in her field of Linguistics and Inter-cultural Communication, and in general readership magazines...When she isn’t writing, Lee’s hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Los Gatos, California.

And now for the Big Four, questions with Jay:

1. If you had to kill off one of your characters which one would it be? Why him/her?

2. Would you consider having this character come back from the dead? Why or why not?

3. What's the strangest thing eaten in the course of your book? (If it's brains you get ten bonus points!)

4. Random sharing time, what do you want my zombie-blog-author readers to know about your book?

C. Lee Said:
This is easy. Jackie would bite the dust in a nano-second. I love the other people in my book, but Jackie is an immature, selfish twit.

Absolutely not. Once she's deep-sixed I'd want her to stay that way. If she came back I can only envision her doing more harm to those in her life.

Darn! I wanted those ten points, Stacey! But I'm afraid my food is farm-style home cooking: mashed potatoes, juicy steak, greens, homemade pie and one reference to spice cake. Make you hungrier than steamed brains? How about five point?

There is not one single zombie aboard Sliding on the Edge. However, I do have some freaky very un-cute moments when vomit is involved and cockroaches scrabble across the floor. Oh, yes, some fleas and ticks make cameo appearances too. Okay, so I'm not competing with zombies very well, but maybe some of your readers will find the story of a live girl in deep trouble worthwhile.

Ha! Fun questions. Thanks, Lee

Thank you, Lee! Ya'll can buy this fine book by following the link below!

Additional Details

o Author Web site:

o Amazon:

Have a great Wednesday!

Stacey Jay

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Deal Has Been Announced-Book 3 for Razorbill!

"You Are So Undead to Me and Undead Much author Stacey Jay's untitled new book, to Lexa Hillyer at Razorbill, by Caren Johnson Estesen at Caren Johnson Literary Agency (World English)."

That's the deal announcement from yesterday's Publisher's Marketplace!

I had no idea it was going to be announced, but it's super exciting to be able to share the news officially. So...yeah! I'm doing another book with the fabulous folks at Razorbill! I couldn't be more excited.

More specifics on WHAT this book will be soon. (I hope! I've got a few things up my sleeve but can't share just yet. Iz supah sekrit prajekt!!)

Happy Tuesday!

Stacey Jay

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Debutante Blog Tour: Cheryl Renee Herbsman

About the book "Breathing":

What if the guy who took your breath away was the only one who could help you breathe?

Savannah would be happy to spend the summer in her coastal Carolina town lying in a hammock reading her beloved romance novels and working at the library. But then she meets Jackson. Once they lock eyes, she’s convinced he’s the one—her true love, her soul mate, a boy different from all the rest. And at first it looks like Savannah is right. Jackson abides by her mama’s strict rules, and stays by her side during a hospitalization for severe asthma, which Savannah becomes convinced is only improving because Jackson is there. But when he’s called away to help his family—and seems uncertain about returning—Savannah has to learn to breathe on her own, both literally and figuratively.

Now the questions:

1. If you had to kill off one of your characters which one would it be? Why him/her?

2. Would you consider having this character come back from the dead? Why or why not?

3. What's the strangest thing eaten in the course of your book? (If it's brains you get ten bonus points!)

4. Random sharing time, what do you want my zombie-blog-author readers to know about your book?

Cheryl says:

1. If I had to kill off a character, it would be Billy Jo because he's such a brat.

2. Savannah does have some visions, so he could come to her in a vision. Or, alternatively, he would make a good zombie.

3. At a barbecue, Savannah points out that the Brunswick stew looks like someone's been sick in the pot.

4. Even zombies can enjoy a little romance ;)
Damn straight they do! Zombies love them some romance and some Cheryl Renee.

Thanks for dropping by the blog!

Stacey Jay

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Debutante Blog Tour: Devan Fagan

Welcome Debutante Deva Fagan!!

About the book:

Ever since her mother died and her father lost his shoemaking skills, Fortunata has survived by telling fake fortunes. But when she's tricked into telling a grand fortune for a prince, she is faced with the impossible task of fulfilling her wild prophecy-or her father will be put to death. Now Fortunata has to help Prince Leonato secure a magic sword, vanquish a wicked witch, discover a long-lost golden shoe, and rescue the princess who fits it. If only she hadn't fallen in love with the prince herself. . . .

About the author:

Deva likes searching for patterns, which is how she explains both her degree in mathematics and the echoes of old fairy-tales in her stories. She also loves tea, gardening, and playing the fiddle. She lives in Maine with her husband and her dog.

Now time for the four questions!

1. If you had to kill off one of your characters which one would it be? Why him/her?

Actually, I did kill off one of the villains in the original manuscript, but then altered it during my first editorial revision because (A) the person who defeated that villain changed to a person who was not a "killer" and (B) it seemed too over-the-top.

2. Would you consider having this character come back from the dead? Why or why not?

If any of characters were to come back from the dead in my book it might end up being attributed to the "magical abilities" of my main character Fortunata, and she's already in enough trouble with her fake fortune-telling and sham spiritual manifestations. She doesn't need dozens of people clamoring for her to bring back their loved ones for real!

3. What's the strangest thing eaten in the course of your book? (If it's brains you get ten bonus points!)

Cabbage soup. It's what my main character relies on when she and her father are down on their luck and penniless. Maybe with some garlic and broth it would be okay, but this is just cabbage and hot water. Ugh!

4. Random sharing time, what do you want my zombie-blog-author readers to know about your book?

FORTUNE'S FOLLY is a fairy tale influenced middle-grade novel that would probably appeal most strongly to young readers who enjoy humor, adventure, and fairy tales.

Thanks, Stacey!

Thank you Deva! Ya'll can score this fine book wherever people who love adventure and fairy tales and jokes buy books.

Stacey Jay

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hitting the Zombie Trail

This is more of a vampire bunny than a zombie, but hey, he's an overlord. I've always wanted to be an overlord and I could really use some minions today. I'm trying to get everything ready to head to the Romantic Times Convention this afternoon. With two kids four and under (one on crazy amounts of meds and the other requiring milk to be defrosted and prepped and diapers to be cleaned and etc) it's going to be...challenging.

But I will prevail! And be gone for 5 days!! This is the longest I've ever been away from BLo, but I think I'll be a better mommy for the break.

Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting some new ones! See you all there!

Stacey Jay

p.s. If you've written me an email in the past few days, I probably won't get to it before I leave, but I PROMISE I will get back to you as soon as I can when I get back. I appreciate your email so much. Thanks readers!

p.s.s. And thanks to the people who came out for the Literary Festival and to the Terry last night. You all rocked!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Talking Again! Tonight! At a Library!

Hey there!

I'm talking again tonight about "You are so Undead to Me", zombies, writing, and other assorted nonsense at the Terry Library in West Little Rock at 6:30 (but be there at 6:15 if you want to watch me set up and get all nervous, because apparently that is part of my process. I was a total stress case on Saturday at the Literacy Festival, but apparently all went well. There was a decent crowd full of lovely people who chuckled at the appropriate times and even bought copies of my book! Muah! Thank you guys!)

So here is the Terry Library address and phone number:

2015 Napa Valley Dr.
Little Rock, AR 72212

I'd love to see some people come out and I'll have some goodies to give away if we get at least ten butts in chairs. (So tell your friends and drag them along.)

Hopefully catch you later,

Stacey Jay

Saturday, April 18, 2009

See me today at the Arkansas Literary Festival!

Hey all,

Come out and see me today at 2:30 in the East Room of the Main Library in downtown Little Rock. I'm presenting as part of the Arkansas Literary Festival. I've worked hard on my presentation and may be cajoled into standing on my head at some point during the afternoon so don't miss it!

Learn more about the festival here:

Hope to see a few of you,

Stacey Jay

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Don't Scare Me, I Poop Easily--Blogging at Zombies in Tiaras

Head on over to Zombies in Tiaras for the latest ridiculousness. This time we're blogging about Baby Style and the little piggies who go to Prada.

And this (and the blog title) has nothing to do with anything. It just made me laugh like a little girl. Hehehe.

Stacey Jay

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Woody Harrelson Believes in Zombies

Now a little something from CNN:

(CNN) -- Woody Harrelson defended his clash with a photographer at a New York airport Wednesday night as a case of mistaken identity -- he says he mistook the cameraman for a zombie.

Read the entire article here:

Heh. Heh-heh. I mean, assault isn't funny, but the paparazzi deserve what they get in my humble opinion, especially when they're tailing stars when they're out with their kids. So heh.

Happy Easter, don't let the zombies eat your chocolate bunny's brains!

Stacey Jay

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Public Service Announcement: a Word about Ethan


Welcome to another blog post, in which I will try to write down everything in my head in ten minutes before the baby wakes up and demands milk and then I end up typing with one hand and it goes so slowly that I get frustrated and say words a mother shouldn't and then give up on the whole damn thing.

So! Let's get to the point while I still have ten fingers for the keys (or eight fingers and two thumbs.)

Some people think some things about my book suck, like the kind of sucking you have to do to get one of those little balls out of the bottom of your Japanese tea. ( that the name of that tea that has the little jelly-like balls at the bottom? It was popular when I lived in NYC. Hmm...but it might be Chinese. Not Japanese. Sorry that I don't know which. If you'd like to write a comment telling me I suck for that, I completely understand.)

These people think certain things about my book suck for various reasons, but one I've heard a couple of times is that "You are So Undead to Me" is full-on ridiculous because the character of Ethan doesn't act like a teenage boy. He's too mature or sensitive or blah blah these people say. Now....these people occasionally have other bad things to say, but usually I just ignore those things because:

1. It's not classy to address the critics and I try to keep it classy despite the fact that I use the word "suck" a lot and sometimes curse at inappropriate times.

2. People are entitled to their opinion and free speech rocks and I don't want to be a Hater or an Impeder of Free Speech.

3. People who don't understand that a pom pom squad and a cheerleading squad are NOT the same thing--and want to bitch at me for calling cheerleaders by a stupid name--are clearly beyond redemption and not worth my time or wasted breath.

4. I'm busy and have diapers to change and wash. (Yes, I cloth diaper! So I can help save the Earth! and Money! Yeay Earth and Money!)

But in this specific instance, I felt the need to respond to the critics, as a public service to my younger female readers. I've done my share of dating in the past (some might say more than my share, but they are Haters and Impeders of Exploration. You have to explore your options before making any choice, but most especially the choice of a Life Partner) and I know of what I speak when it comes to boys.

Many boys reach their peak maturity at around 16-19 years of age. This isn't to say they won't get smarter or more experienced or that their personalities won't change over time, but the maturity, the sensitivity, the ability to really care about another person (or not) is going to be there by the time they reach that age. Yes, they're more likely to make dumb choices when they're younger (aren't we all?) and let someone special slip through their fingers (haven't we all), but I've known eighteen year old boys with the sensitive souls of old men and thirty two year old men without the sense to come in out of the rain or the compassion to care that their steady date has a horrible cold with a raging fever and can barely walk a straight line, let alone get herself back to her apartment on the subway all by herself.

So don't despair. There are Ethans out there--sensitive, caring, confident guys of all ages who will make your heart go pitter patter for reasons other than their studly exteriors. (Though those are nice too and I don't think it's shallow to appreciate man-beauty. God made man-beauty for us to appreciate.) Just because you're stuck dating teenage boys (I'm assuming because you're a teen yourself), doesn't mean you have to settle for the creeps who roam in packs and act like idiots.

The End. (The last half of this was typed one handed, as baby woke up as I had feared. That is how committed I was to this public service announcement)

Stacey Jay

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Debutante Blog Tour: Sydney Salter

Book: My Big Nose And Other Natural Disasters
Author: Sydney Salter -
Release: 4/1/09

About My Big Nose And Other Natural Disasters

Seventeen-year-old Jory Michaels wakes up on the first day of summer vacation with her same old big nose, no passion in her life (in the creative sense of the word), and all signs still pointing to her dying a virgin. In spite of her driving record (it was an accident!), Jory gets a job delivering flowers and cakes to Reno's casinos and wedding chapels. She also comes up with a new summer goal: saving for a life-altering nose job. She and her new nose will attract a fabulous boyfriend. Jory survives various summer disasters like doing yoga after sampling Mom's Cabbage Soup Diet, enforced-mother-bonding-with-crazy-nose-obsessed-daughter night, and discovering Tyler's big secret. But will she learn to accept herself and maybe even find her passion, in the creative (AND romantic!) sense of the word?

About Sydney Salter

Sydney Salter held a variety of jobs before becoming a full-time writer, including her brief stint delivering pies and flowers, wrecking vans, and destroying wedding cakes in Reno, Nevada. Sydney now lives in Utah with her husband, two daughters, two cats, and two big Bernese Mountain dogs. She loves reading, writing, traveling, and, of course, baking and decorating cakes (but not driving them anywhere).

Additional Details

o Author Web site:

o Amazon:


1. If you had to kill off one of your characters which one would it be? Why him/her?

Hmm. Tricky question for someone who writes humorous YA. I guess Ass Grabber would have to go. He's the kind of guy who always gets his due in horror movies.

2. Would you consider having this character come back from the dead? Why or why not?

Only if he came back as one of those really, really slow zombies. So girls could keep out of his undead reach! No one wants zombie ooze on their favorite jeans.

3. What's the strangest thing eaten in the course of your book? (If it's brains you get ten bonus points!)

My main character's mother goes on all kinds of wacky diets--cabbage soup cleanses, etc. But she never thinks of the brains only diet plan. I'm sure it would deliver results!

4. Random sharing time, what do you want my zombie-blog-author readers to know about your book?

My book does not contain any zombies, but I hope it will make you laugh. And it's completely safe to read before bed!

Thanks Sydney!

(And it's also safe to read poolside. I had "Big Nose" along for my spring break trip and really enjoyed it. It was just what the doctor ordered-funny and sweet, but with some deeper things going on too. Congrats on a great book!)

Stacey Jay

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fashion Horrors over at Zombies In Tiaras

THE MANKINI!!! Ahhhhh!! The horror!!

Go read what Julie and I had to say about the mankini over at Zombies in Tiaras:

(We have a fancy new banner! So take a peek and see what you think.)

Stacey Jay

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Interviewed by a YA!

I was interviewed by an actual young adult! Her name is Chanelle and she's an aspiring writer and really got her stuff together. (Obviously because she loved my book, lol!)

Go check out her blog and my new interview here:

Thanks! And Happy Wednesday!

Stacey Jay