Monday, November 29, 2010


I've been working a lot lately. Probably harder than I ever have in my life, and I used to work full time at two different restaurants--one as a server, one as a bartender--while juggling auditions and theater performances and some semblance of a social life. (Social life! That sounds like an interesting thing. What is life you speak of, self? No....seriously....what is that?)

But all kidding aside--

(I'm not kidding. What is that? I want some of that. It sounds social. And life-y.)

Ehem. All kidding aside, an intense revision and a moved release deadline have combined to require a lot of long days, 10 to 12 hour days of sitting on my butt (and I honestly hate that. Being forced to sit still is the most obnoxious part of being a writer for me). These days often start at 5 in the morning and conclude with me hurrying to do my household chores and answer emails and do business-y things and get boys ready for bed. I know this is the life of a LOT of working mothers so quit my whining already, but until the past few months, I haven't had to deal with being separated from my children so much of every day. My husband had to work full time, my work load was lighter, and my income wasn't so vital to our family's survival. But now, these are the fact, ma'am.

I have to admit, however, that "the facts" were getting me down. Way down. My boys aren't going to be little forever, and I've already missed more of 2's second year than I would like. So I decided to try an experiment: Working from Home.

(You already work from home. Geez. Now who's annoying...)

Yeah, I already "technically" work from home, but usually that means leaving my home to work at a coffee shop or library because my home is just too darned loud. LOUD. My kids are loud. Usually in a cheerful, screaming-with-laughter kind of way, but still...loud. And I don't work well with loud, especially when I hear various thuds and crashes that make me worry if my children are hurt or if my art deco statue has finally lost her fingers. Hurt children and damaged art are two things that really pull me out of a nice, romantic scene in a hurry.

But I was tired of missing everyone and getting so melancholy that I wasn't getting as much accomplished as I would like, so I said, "Self, why not just give it a try? Work amidst the chaos. Be there even if you can't be focused on they boys every second."

So I did, and--aside from losing my place a few times--it's been pretty great! I get to see the boys, take breaks to talk with them, kiss boo boos, play a quick game of Slamwich (great card game for the K-2nd grade set), and then get back to work. And as I bonus, I don't smell like coffee grounds at the end of the day or have to listen to the crazier-than-me guy talk to himself at the library.) These are good things. They are life savers in this hectic time. I can't believe how much more I've smiled in the past week.

I don't know what I'm saying with the post<--I've been interrupted 10 times and lost my train of thought a long time ago-->except that it's always good to consider alternatives, to experiment with a new way of doing things and see if it lifts your spirits. There's no reason work should be misery-making, especially a wonderful job like I am lucky enough to have.

Peaceful Monday,

Stacey Jay

Monday, November 22, 2010

Some stuff for you, because I CARE

1. Because I care about your laughter needs:

I may be too wiped out to make The Funny for you, but go here and read this. I'm wagering it will make you laugh until you pee, especially if you have dogs or children or pet zombies or other things that whine a lot:

And if you do read, and find you are as in LOVE with Hyperbole and a Half as I am, then you should go read this one by her, as well:

The God of Cake may be the world's most awesome blog entry. Ever. I've read it seven or eight times and I still laugh out loud. It's my comfort read when I'm stressed the hell out.

2. Because I need you to help me help you help you.

I'm working on the first round of edits for DEAD ON THE DELTA, my first adult Stacey Jay release, and it's making me realize how is in some ways. There are lots of swear words and talk of sexual situations and the drinking of alcohol in a non-responsible fashion. But it's also very young adult in many ways--a young woman dealing with the loss of first love and the finding of second love and issues of self-discovery and personal boundaries and etc.

But I wonder if I need to have a separate site for my adult Stacey Jay work. Just because I don't want 12 year olds finding the book on my YA site and assuming it's a teen read. Or maybe I can just have an "adult" section on my web site, with a nice warning at the top that THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR YOUNGER TEENS OR PEOPLE OFFENDED BY SWEAR WORDS, TALK OF SEX, ETC. What do ya'll think?

I honestly don't know what to do. I think this book will be the perfect read for many of my YOU ARE SO UNDEAD TO ME readers who are getting to be 16 or 17. So I'm glad it's coming out as a Stacey Jay book, but...I also have pause because I think some of my more innocent readers might be shocked by some of the goings on.

So advise me if you will? I can has?

3. Because I have taken pictures.

I give you, the Dinosaur and Mario:

I have more pics--of this year's crazy cake making project and other stuff--but I will have to post those at a later date, when I'm not so busy I'm breaking out in hives<--for real, I have hives. I'm probably dying of some weird hive-disease (knock on wood).

Also, I know I owe you a ghost story, and I promise I'll get to that soon. I just don't want to half-ass it and make the ghosts angry. We're cool (for now) and I'd like to keep it that way.

Hugs and love and stuff (except for the people I'm mad at and you know who you are<--not kidding, I'm harboring Scorpio-like grudges against a few people and I can't know for sure that they're not reading this blog. So I need to make sure they know I'm still angry and even grovelling on the floor at my feet may not earn my forgiveness and, as yet, there's been no grovelling so...there you go.),


Sunday, November 14, 2010

How did this kid get to be two?

Dear Logan,

I don't know how this happened, but apparently you're two. There was a birthday cake and presents and a trip to The Rat Hole (Chuck E Cheese) and everything. And you were precious and you did dinosaur impressions and danced to your montage music like a wild man and made my Friday one of those days when I can't believe I'm this lucky woman, living with these amazing people who make me laugh and are such a joy to love.

I know things have been very busy this second year of your life, but I'd like to take a moment to thank you for being such a firecracker and keeping this family on their toes.

I'd like to thank you for singing along to "Dr. Horrible" and pretending to stomp people with your giant feet.

For the way you play your "guintar" and are always "ready to rock."

For group hugs when you squish me and dad together as tight as you can and then come sit in between and smile like you've scored the best seat in the house.

For your enthusiasm for all things "dotch" (ghost) and "punky" (pumpkin).

For your "Oh Yeahs!" when you're excited, which is just about all the time. About everything.

For the way you insist on being cradled like a baby in your towel after bath and having everyone in the family coo over how "cute" you are.

For your fierce love for your brother (who makes you laugh until you choke) and the fearless way you play.

For your Cajun baby pronunciation of "gatah!" (gator) and for loving Swamp People as much as I do.

For your hugs and your "Mamas!" For your refusal to kiss lips and the benevolent offer of your forehead. For your hatred of socks and dirty pieces you find on the floor. For your love of bananas and cake. For your climbing, screaming, dancing, laughing, sparkly-eyed self. For being not only my son, but a kindred spirit who I look forward to watching grow into even more of a delightful Mess.

Thank you. I love you so much,


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Buh buh buh...


So busy!

Ahhhh busy! Bussssssyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Signing! Halloween! Voting! Sick kids!

Vomit on the stairs, poo in the bath, weird infections and doctors appointments and dentists and tooth fairies and work and work and work and haircuts and homework help and birthday planning and zombie cupcake making and ghosts in the upstairs bedroom. (For real. I have more ghost stories and they are so scary I almost pooped in my own bath last night thinking about them.<--Not true. I have NEVER pooped in the bath in my entire life (to my knowledge) and will never do so, no matter how sick I am. Because it's gross.

And Baby Lo, if you're reading this sometime in the future, you should be ashamed of yourself. Once or twice is one thing, but your pooping in the bath habit is just wrong. And disgusting. And maybe a little intentionally evil. Don't think I don't notice that twinkle in your eye. I know that twinkle. I invented that twinkle, buster. You're lucky you're so cute and have learned to say "uv you tew" or you'd be in for it...that's all I'm saying.)

So yeah. That's why the blog is quiet. I'm hoping to post more, but I will not lie. The next 5 weeks are INSAAAANNNNEEEE. Ahahahahaha!! Just...insane. The end. So, with that in mind, I give you a movie clip that has resonated with me at many times during my life as a mom-writer. I hope you enjoy. (Goldie Hawn is still one of my favorite actresses of all time. So freaking funny. Love her.)

Happy Tuesday!