Friday, March 30, 2012

Thank you! Blood on the Bayou! Writer Conference Press Release!

Even unrelated things seem related with exclamation points!

That is the lesson we learn here today.


1. Thank you so much to everyone who is pimping out BLOOD ON THE BAYOU, buying a copy, getting a copy for a friend, writing reviews to share and building excitement for the book, etc. You are amazing and I appreciate you so much.

2. BLOOD ON THE BAYOU. This book really needs your support. I won't sugar coat it, the odds are stacked against it at the moment. The print run was very, very low and it isn't stocked in many stores. Word of mouth is the only way to move copies, drive this sucker into another print run, and convince the powers that be that this series isn't dead in the water.

There is still hope. If everyone who bought a copy last time around convinces one other person to buy a copy, there's a chance. So...*fingers crossed*. I'll keep doing my part to get the word out and sending out good energy into the universe and hope for the best. But it is a hard world out there in urban fantasy right now (much more difficult to break in and establish an audience than it was even a few years ago), so the new series you enjoy (mine or those of other authors) really need your support more than ever.

3. If you haven't taken a peek over at my pinterest boards yet, and are curious about my upcoming books, you might want to go follow me over there. I pin a lot of artwork/pics/etc that remind me of books published or in process. I also have a books board where I post what I've been reading lately (this helps me stay away from goodreads. Mostly. Okay, I admit I check it sometimes, but I always regret it. Always.) So yeah, my link over there is: I will follow you back if you have boards. This is my new favorite form of procrastination.

4. And I'm thrilled to share the press release for the Mendocino Writer's Conference, where I'll be getting my faculty on this July. (It doesn't mention the YA panel, but it's happening baby. This I promise you):

Registration opens March 15 for the July 26-28 Mendocino Coast Writers Conference at College of the Redwoods in Fort Bragg. Intensive workshops led by award winning authors Robin Hemley (memoir), Kim Addonizio (poetry), Victoria Zackheim (nonfiction), David Corbett (novel), Steve Almond (short story), and Elizabeth Rosner (emerging writers).

Access to editors and agents, a Paths to Publishing panel, social events and literary readings by contest winners and faculty authors are included. For more information on registration, schedule of workshops and lectures, contest entry rules and deadlines and presenter bios, please visit the conference website at Register early to assure your choice of workshop intensives.

Have an amazing weekend!


Monday, March 26, 2012

Blood on the Bayou out tomorrow! Chia Pet Dreams, I need your feedback, Stacia Kane's new book is out tomorrow, too, and more!




I really hope you all enjoy BLOOD ON THE BAYOU (out tomorrow!). This series means a lot to me and has been such fun to write so far. But more on the book in a bit. First, a collection of things:

First: This is the dream I had last night:

Myself, an author I know from the internet, and an author I know from real life (but only through a brief meeting years ago), are all walking down the sidewalk outside a dingy looking strip mall.

The author from the internet (who has always been a sweetheart in my dealings with her) is acting like a total jerk. Meanwhile, the author I've actually met (who was not someone I connected with and not the friendliest person in the world) is being really sweet. I'm confused. I'm even more confused when I look down and see myself wearing my purple skull socks (only to be worn when hidden by boots) pulled up to mid-calf with flip flops. (Flip flops and socks! The horror!)

As if that wasn't horrific enough, I was also wearing black basketball shorts and a t-shirt three times too big with a pig eating bbq on the front. On top of all that, my curly hair was about two inches long. No sooner have I realized I look like a human chia pet, than the Internet Author suggests we go into a barber shop to get my hair cut. She suggests a buzz cut. I follow, feeling shamed and small in my socks with flip flops, not wanting my hair cut any shorter, but feeling unable to stand up for myself or speak up against Mrs. Once Was Nice But Now Is Evil.

Inside the shop, both authors shove me into the chair. I begin to get very anxious. Then I get even MORE anxious when a man dressed all in black falls from the ceiling and starts threatening to kill everyone in the shop. I jump to my feet as everyone runs out and the two of us proceed to knife fight. Not with switchblades or anything a real man who fell from the ceiling (because they're out there. Be afraid. Be very afraid) would fight with, but with steak knives. We battle it out with the steak knives--me certain my lack of skill with knives is going to lead to my death at any moment. Through a bit of luck, I end up disarming him only to have him pull a bigger, meaner looking chopping knife from his belt.

I pick up a folding chair and throw it at him, and knock the knife out of his hand, but that only makes him more angry. He starts talking to me about his health and fitness blog and all the smoothies he enjoys drinking to bulk up to try to distract me, all while stalking back toward where his knife lays on the ground with this crazy-murderous look in his eye. I want to tell him that I'm not buying the small talk, but I don't say anything because I'm too anxious to upset him, either.

I don't remember what happened after that--I think it involved calling a time out for a bathroom break--but I think this dream was trying to tell me several things:

1. People aren't always what they seem and/or I might be a bad judge of character.

2. I am very upset by conflict and a conflict I had with some people last week is still troubling my subconscious. (It wasn't even a fight, just a conflict of ideals, but I found it disturbing.)

3. I need to throw away those purple socks.

(Also, the dream analysis website says having hair cut is a sign of feeling disenfranchised and powerless or making drastic changes in your waking life that will eliminate unwanted mental/life clutter. I'm going to go for the second interpretation. Because it's happier. *sparkle fingers*)

Second: Please remember to email me at stacey.jay.ya at gmail dot com after you review BLOOD ON THE BAYOU on Amazon, Barnes and Noble online, etc. Send me your street address (U.S. and Canada only, sorry internationals but I've had bad experiences with things getting lost) and I'll send you a book magnet and a signed sticker for your book.

Third: I need your help. Necklace inspired by Juliet Immortal/Romeo Redeemed? Charm thoughts? A friend of mine who makes jewelry and I were discussing making a special charm to celebrate the release of Romeo Redeemed and send out to people who pre-order five or more copies of the book. (I'd send five charms out, one for each of your friends/family/book club, etc.) This would be a significant investment for me--because they would have to ordered in bulk and would be specially created for the book--so I'm trying to see a couple of things:

1. If people would be interested in this sort of thing.

2. What kind of charm would fit the books. I was thinking a creepy looking rose, but that didn't feel quite right (and also would be more appropriate for the book I'm writing now. Lots of creepy roses in my upcoming retelling of Beauty and the Beast). Then, I thought a dagger, but blah...that didn't seem quite right. Any thoughts people? Comment or email me? If you want?

Fourth: My friend Stacia Kane's new book Sacrificial Magic is out tomorrow too!

This series is AMAZING. If you haven't ordered a copy of the latest, please go learn more at Stacia's website and snag a copy asap:


First came a terrorist attack. Then the mutations—and Fey who had lived in harmony with humans turned deadly. Now, most people hide behind iron gates. But those who are immune—and those with enough courage—can venture into the Louisiana Delta . . . and a nightmare world of magic.

No good deed goes unpunished…

Annabelle Lee, a Fairy Containment and Control agent blessed—or cursedwith immunity to Fairy venom, is once again called upon to help solve a murder deep in the bayou. But this investigation is off the books and her ex-lover, Hitch, is leading the hunt for a secret chemical weapons lab and an FBI mole providing it with human lab rats.

Helping Hitch means certain interpersonal disaster with her estranged boyfriend, but Annabelle knows exactly what it feels like to be a lab rat. Her new, fairy-attack-induced paranormal powers seem to have few negative side effects, but would that change if she stopped injecting herself with the mystery drug delivered to her by the even more mysterious—not to mention ridiculously attractive—Tucker? A man who can turn invisible at will, and who makes no bones about how dead she’ll be if she reveals his secrets.

As the murder investigation progresses, Annabelle learns Tucker isn’t the only one with secrets, and that the only thing that cuts deeper than a friend’s deception, are the lies we tell ourselves.

You can order your copy at Indiebound, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, over at the Itunes store, or wherever you like to be buying boooks.

Thank you all for your support. And thank you for the emails that keep rolling in about the releases from the last couple of years. Every one means so much to me. It thrills me to death to hear that I'm doing my job and entertaining you and making you laugh or cry or feel something you didn't think you would. Thanks for the feedback.

All best and happy reading. I'll be spending tomorrow powering through my final read-through and edit of my 2013 Beauty and the Beast book and getting it ready to go to my editor next week. (So if I'm a bit absent this week, you know why. But next week, I'll be back with a vengeance. Gr.)


Friday, March 16, 2012

I've got your book report info right here, girl/boy

Hey ya'll,

It must be book report season because I'm getting a lot of requests for background information, always with this kind of stuff at the end: "I need this sort of quickly so could you answer me now? There's nothing on the web! What am I going to do? My paper's due on Friday!?!!! Arghhghghgh!!!"

Fear not, book reporters of the world, I am here to give you the information, all in one tidy place.

The Low Down on Stacey Jay:

Born: October 24th in Louisiana.

Raised: In Missouri and later, Arkansas, where she attended high school and graduated summa cum laude.

College: Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. Stacey received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and graduated summa cum laude with honors.

After College: Stacey worked in Equity regional theaters in Vermont, Indiana, and New York before moving to Los Angeles to co-star in several really crappy horror movies. She quit acting in late 2005, when her first son was born. In early 2006, she finished her first full length novel.

Writing: In 2008, Stacey sold her first Young Adult novel, YOU ARE SO UNDEAD TO ME, to Razorbill books (a division of Penguin). It was published in January of 2009. Since then, Stacey has continued to write for young adults and, in 2011, launched her first adult urban fantasy series with Pocket books. Her complete book list at this time:

Young Adult:

YOU ARE SO UNDEAD TO ME (Razorbill 2009)
UNDEAD MUCH? (Razorbill 2010)
THE LOCKET (Razorbill 2011)
JULIET IMMORTAL (Delacorte Press 2011)
ROMEO REDEEMED (Coming in 2012 from Delacorte Press)


DEAD ON THE DELTA (Pocket 2011)
BLOOD ON THE BAYOU (Pocket March 2012)

So there you go! Hope that was helpful. If you have any other questions, just leave them in the comments and I'll come back and update the post with those answers included.

Be back next week with details on the BLOOD ON THE BAYOU/SACRIFICIAL MAGIC, Stacia Kane/Stacey Jay blog hop. There are a lot of chances to win great prizes (including copies of both books), so you won't want to miss that event.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Romeo Redeemed: The Official Cover


Cursed to live out eternity in his rotted corpse, Romeo, known for his ruthless, cutthroat ways, is given the chance to redeem himself by traveling back in time to save the life of Ariel Dragland. Unbeknownst to her, Ariel is important to both the evil Mercenaries and the love-promoting Ambassadors and holds the fate of the world in her hands. Romeo must win her heart and make her believe in love, turning her away from her darker potential before his work is discovered by the Mercenaries.

While his seduction begins as yet another lie, it soon becomes his only truth. Romeo vows to protect Ariel from harm, and do whatever it takes to win her heart and soul. But when Ariel is led to believe his love is a deception, she becomes vulnerable to Mercenary manipulation, and her own inner darkness may ultimately rip them apart.

My thoughts:

I hope you enjoy it. (I really really do, but from this day forward I'm forcing myself to stay away from Google and Goodreads. Yes, I know I was supposed to stay away from Goodreads because of my New Year's Resolution to do so, but sometimes my fingers and brain are traitorous and take me places I shouldn't go. In the interests of my mental health, however, I'm reinforcing the ban on Google/Goodreads, and vowing to stay away at least until my Work In Progress is finished. I need that energy I spend angsting to be creative and meet my deadline and etc.)

Also, this cover is the final cover and you will notice that Ariel has a sleeve on her arm that isn't there on the ARC because there was some concern about whether she looked clothed. I always assumed she was clothed, but I like the sleeve. Sleeves are good. They cover arms and can also be decorative and fun as is the case with this filmy little sleeve. But seriously, I really adore this cover. I love that both Ariel and Romeo are featured since ROMEO REDEEMED is more of a shared book than JULIET IMMORTAL. And Romeo is just lovely. (Isn't he? I was so thrilled to see him. We went through several cover images before finding this one and none of the other Romeos were quite right. Handsome, but not quite right.)

(And yes, there was supposed to be an interview with Romeo available on another blog, but Romeo was contrary and refused to answer questions. He's an ass that way sometimes, what can I do? By way of apology, I'll be sending the blogger in question an ARC to give away on her blog.)

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


Friday, March 9, 2012

Blood on the Bayou magnets (big ones) and Conversations with Bearded Men


BLOOD ON THE BAYOU is coming out March 27th. That's so fracking soon! I'm not ready. Somebody hold me or bring me a coffee or bring me a coffee and let me drink it and then hold me (so I don't spill any on you) or something.

I can't even add the book to my website because I don't know how to add a selection to a drop down menu on Foursquare. (If anyone knows how to do that, please let me know and I will entrust you with the holy password to my website and then let you add it and then I will send you pretty things and all my sweet love and appreciation. Please. Help me. I should never have gotten my site on a platform where I didn't know how to do all the updates myself. Blah. Live and learn or take the website down and put up pictures of cute baby goats in sweaters or something. I don't know.)

But what I can do is send you a BLOOD ON THE BAYOU magnet. If you read and review BLOOD ON THE BAYOU (on Amazon's or Barnes and Noble's online sites) within the first two weeks of release, and then send me an email via the contact page on my website with your name and address and a link to the review (positive or negative, doesn't matter. I don't take offense. I just want to help Blood on the Bayou get into the hands of readers who will enjoy it and both kinds of reviews help accomplish that), then I will send you a big shiny magnet. Really big. Super shiny. They're almost as big as my hand (my hand is small and square, but it would be pretty impressively sized if it were a magnet).

So go, pre-order, read quickly, review, and let me know about it!

You can order your copy at Indiebound, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, over at the Itunes store, or wherever you like to be buying boooks.

In other news, so far 34 has been THE YEAR OF DOING THINGS I HAVEN'T DONE IN OVER A DECADE. I'm back in ballet class at least once a week (and LOVING it and planning to get fitted for toe shoes in April and see if I can get ready for Nutcracker tryouts next fall. I want to be a Snowflake, a pretty pretty snowflake. Or a flower. Nothing too crazy, not a solo or anything, just a flake among flakes or a flower among flowers. But not a parent in the party scene. I get enough of that at home, yo. I'm not going to parent imaginary children. Or children who are really children, but who aren't actually my children.)

And then, last night, in continuation of the DOING THINGS I HAVEN'T DONE IN OVER A DECADE trend, I decided to go swim laps. With my sporty swim team-esque suit and skull cap/condom hat thing, and my goggles. I managed 12 laps before I began shaking all over and my pale, pale, frighteningly white winter skin flushed red in an alarming way and I sat on the side of the pool heaving and dripping until a man with a beard down to his navel asked me if I was okay and then sat down to talk with me about exercised-induced asthma and why my mother should have breast fed me, and then I told him to shush because I breast fed both my kids and they are still all heavy and raspy in the spring when their allergies act up and then I noticed him looking at my chest with this kind of dubious look because, despite the fact that I've gained ten pounds since this time last year, none of it is in my chest and the girls looked especially flat in my swimsuit, but YOU DON'T NEED HUGE BOOBS TO FEED BABIES. I kind of wanted to say that to him, but I didn't because I was like, whatever, dude, your beard is too gross to look at anymore. And then I went to the locker room and felt proud of myself for not being embarrassed about the heaving or the dripping of the breast feeding conversation. Ten years ago, I would have been MORTIFIED by all of it.

Final verdict, I like 34 a hell of a lot better than 24, even if I was a wee bit smaller and more elastic back then. I was stiff in the ways that really count. Inside. Inner stiffness. You feel me?

I wrote all of this in fifteen minutes because I have no time for blogging right now, but I didn't want to leave you hanging. So if it makes no sense, I'm sorry. Disperse and come back next week when I'll have a link to an interview with Romeo from Romeo Redeemed and the official cover reveal of the book (with the FINAL cover, in all its sparkly, hot kissing in the sand, glory.)

Have a tremendous weekend,


I mean Squarespace, not Foursquare. THAT'S how dumb I am about these things. Gah! *hurls self dramatically onto the floor and wishes for a fainting couch*


Zombie Joe fixed my website for me!! He fixed it, and as soon as I add content, the BOTB page and the Romeo Redeemed page will be live! GO FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER HE IS SUCH A SOLID, FUNNY, AWESOME MAN:!/Zombie_Joe Thank you Joe!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Made of Leap Day Lame


I challenged you all to get crazy on leap day, and then I went out to find leap day adventure myself and...well...

My ballet class was super intense that morning. And I was super tired. And it was the first day of my first vacation without children in seven months and I had to take a little nap and watch a movie in the middle of the day with my husband and then drink some wine and find a place to go to dinner and um...

I did do some dancing in the bathroom a couple of times during our very long dinner, but there was no one there and I usually dance in bathrooms when I find myself alone in them with good music playing so that wasn't a special leap day thing. Later in the vacation I pretended to be an alligator in the hot tub and scared a few birds, but that wasn't leap day or that unusual, either. (My husband was not surprised, simply commented that my alligator sounded an awful lot like a grizzly bear.) I almost squeezed through a barbed wire fence so I could climb the old fire tower on top of the mountain I'd just climbed on Sunday, but The Old Man was a party pooper/reasonable and reminded me I am an adult with children and I can't do those sorts of things anymore and so I just walked down the mountain like a normal person and got shin splints.

Boring. I am boring. I'm sorry.

I did have a wonderful vacation with my husband, however, and now I'm glad to be home. By the last day I was really missing my babies and today I'm really missing work. I can't wait to jump back into drafting tomorrow morning. (Today I'm on junior loin fruit duty. We're getting ready to go run all the errands and clean all the things and do all the laundries.)

And there was something else I was supposed to do today, but I'm waiting a few more days. I really want to share the ROMEO REDEEMED cover with you, but I'd like to do something a little more fun than just stick it up here, so I'm going to have to think on it for a bit. Obviously--as my lack of leap day antics prove--I'm not in super fun mode at the moment.

Have a Monday,