Thursday, May 31, 2012

In honor of an 8th birthday

And now a post in honor of my eldest loin fruit's 8th birthday (only 15 days late):

Dear 8,

This year was a BIG one for you. You finally kicked your eating issues out the door and are trying--and loving--so many new foods. From a three year old who would eat five things (and vomit at least once a day from a combo of digestive and sensory issues) to an eight year old who will eat tilapia, green beans, and enjoys dipping his bread in olive oil (and doing an olive oil 'flight' when we go to our favorite olive oil tasting room). I know how hard it was for you to keep trying new foods and keep trying new foods and keep trying new foods when so many things felt strange and wrong in your mouth. A lot of kids would have given up, but you didn't because you want to be healthy and you're not a quitter and I admire that so much about you.

You're also reading like a champ, and thriving at your new school. This year you've made so many good friends (and survived your first crush, omg, it was so precious to see you smitten with She Who Will Not Be Named!), and developed a sense of humor that is as strange as it is wonderful. You're wacky and amazing and almost unfailingly kind and you make me smile every day.

You also make me think. This year we've talked about a lot of hard things. You wanted to know who the Nazis were and what they did, you worried about the environment, you were outraged that some people think two mommies or two daddies shouldn't be able to get married (we have a lot of same sex couples in our town), and you got angry when you learned why so many people adopt their little girls from China. You think the world could suck a lot less, but you're not overwhelmed. You're excited to help make things better. You believe in yourself and your friends and you make me think your generation might succeed where so many have failed. Perhaps you will find a way to be more peaceful, and more respectful of the earth and each other.

I love your will power and your determination. I love your good heart. I love your goof and your giggles and your stubborn refusal to accept that dragons and fairies aren't real. I love that you read that note from the tooth fairy two days ago and had a thoughtful discussion with me about how hard it must be for a fairy to be named a funny thing like Poppycock (the name I decided suited the Tooth Fairy after a couple glasses of wine). It is a damned pleasure to be your mom, my friend. You've got a touch of magic in you, thanks for sharing it with all the people who love you.

All my sappy love,


Monday, May 21, 2012

Things are happening...

Dear Internet,

THINGS ARE HAPPENING! Lots and lots of things.

My two boys are full of sass and fun and I've had to blow lots of bubbles with them (and ride bikes and prepare for all the END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR MADNESS and it's all been WORTH IT. And an honor and a privilege. These boys are anti-birth-control lately. What magical creatures. I greedily want just one more.)

I'm learning to sew, and, did you know that it can take up to two hours to cut out a complicated pattern? Well, it can. (But it's totally worth it.)

I'm also still taking ballet twice a week. The class is an hour and a half and I have a twenty minute commute both ways and so that's quite a chunk of free time used up in the getting to and taking and getting back of ballet. (Also totally worth it.)

I'm also working on a new adult urban fantasy partial and it is CREEPY and also FUN. I think. I'm not sure if it's going to ever see the light of day, but I'm having a blast spending time with the characters. (Ditto. Worth it.)

I'm also reading and digesting and responding to an editorial letter for my 2013 young adult book for Delacorte. I am eating, dreaming, and showering this book right now (some of my best thinking happens in the shower or in the middle of the night when I wake up and slap my husband and shout "I've got it!" before going back to sleep. It's fun to sleep beside me. You never know when you'll be rudely, but enthusiastically, awakened in the middle of the night.) But the dwelling is helping. I think I'm getting close to a breakthrough. (So yeah, not only worth the time, but necessary. Since this is my job and I have a contract to fulfill and yada yada.)

Long story long, I've had some busy, Internet, and I'm sorry. I swear I will be back around to posting more frequently soon. I have a fun Star Wars themed post planned. I just need to find my little blue camera. My big camera is too bulky to get the shots I want. I've also got a rant building about why it's best to keep your real life interactions more numerous than your online interactions (if at all possible).

So stay cool, and I"ll check in soon with some pics and rants and the belated posting of 8's birthday montage,


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What the hell new blogger? I hate you!

Dear Blogspot,

This new interface you've got going on is completely counter-intuitive and ugly and I hate it. Why have you done this to me? Against my will?!

When I think of all the years I stuck by you, defending you when everyone told me to dump you and start going out with Wordpress, I am literally sickened. (Yogurt just rose in my throat and I BARELY swallowed it down.) "Blogger is so much easier to use," I'd enthuse! "You just jump on and everything you need is there so clearly marked even a cyber dummy like me can figure it out," I'd encourage those wishing to start a new blog.

And now you've gone and become just like Wordpress, with a side of the new Google inbox and its "simple" look that is really just annoying and strange and not any more functional than it was before.

I mean, Wordpress and I had some really bad times back in the early 2000's when I couldn't figure out how to change the templates and kept getting bombarded by spam and then there were plug-ins to install and blah blah blah, but I'm seriously thinking of making a change and going back to him (Wordpress). Or maybe I'll put my blog over on my website like my web designer told me to do in the first place. But even then, after working with square space and realizing how easy it is to use, I was reluctant to leave your warm, comforting waters, Blogger. And how do you thank me? By throwing me into the icy river of this new version of you that I will NEVER love the way I loved the old one.

(If you've never jumped into an icy river, it is really, REALLY scary. I was at a church retreat in 7th grade and we were swinging out on a rope swing and dropping into a creek so cold that when you went under your brain completely short circuited for a few seconds and you were no longer aware of who you were or where you were or what you were doing there. Would have been SO easy to drown there. So easy. It was so cold and shocking that it literally put you outside of yourself for a moment while your brain tried to work out how to convey to the rest of your body that you were really THAT cold.

Reading that, you'd probably assume I only made that jump once, but you'd be wrong. I jumped off that rope swing about 10 times. I was a crazy kid and, in my defense, it was a Church of Christ retreat and by the second day an out-of-body experience was sounding pretty good. Even my Baptist upbringing hadn't prepared me for the intense Conservative ministry smackdown that was leveled upon my vulnerable 13 year old brain. If I hadn't read so many romance novels I probably would have been convinced that wearing a chastity belt for the rest of my life was a good idea. But thanks to romance novels, in a mere three years I was happily making out in the back of my church boy boyfriend's Pathfinder. Thank you romance novels!)

In closing, I'd like to say that I'm not the only one who isn't down with the new you, Blogger. There's talk on the street and well...a lot of it isn't very complimentary.

Sometimes change is necessary, sometimes change is just change and annoying and inconvenient and dumb. The end.


Stacey Jay