Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Going to ALA this weekend?

Hey everyone!

This is another drive by post (sorry, I really do intend to get back to blogging more regularly after the July 4th holiday. I've been buried in edits for my 2013 book with Delacorte--and getting very excited about the way it's shaping up, so yay!--and the kids are home and I'm doing quite a bit of work-related traveling this summer and I'm completely obsessed with sewing and, in my few moments of spare time, can rarely pull myself away from my machine long enough to blog so...you know how it goes.)

Speaking of traveling, I'm going to ALA for the first time this weekend! I am so excited to finally meet one of my Delacorte editors in person and spend Sunday morning speed dating a group of YA librarians. (I will be wearing my new dress made with Tula Pink's coven fabric from her Nightshade collection to the YA Coffee Klatch and I think it's going to be fabulous. I'll find out tomorrow when I put on the finishing touches. Nothing like a sundress with witches on it. *happy sigh*)

I'm not doing an official signing while I'm there, but if any of you are going to be at ALA and want to say hi, I'll be wandering around the floor Friday evening doing my best to meet all the authors I know from online interactions in person so please shout at me if you see me. I'm going to be carrying a couple of ROMEO REDEEMED ARCs in my bag for the first two people to mention they might want one so...

Hope to see some of you there! (And if I don't recognize your name/face please just remind me how I know you. Sometimes it's hard to connect a twitter icon with a real person's face.)

Have a great rest of your week!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Romeo Redeemed's German cover and etc.

Apparently, the German edition of ROMEO REDEEMED (Romeo Forever over there) has a cover. (Writers are always the last to know. A German blogger drew this to my attention.) I have to say I am loving this cover...even though I don't know who the girl is supposed to be since neither of the female leads has black hair but...*shrug.* She's got a nice look in her eye, however, mysterious with a hint of naughty and challenging. I approve.

In other news, I'm working a lot and sewing a lot. Going to have to cut down on ballet class for a few weeks in order to power through the first big chunk of revisions on my Delacorte 2013 book (which still doesn't have a title because I am FAILING at titling this time around. There's just nothing jumping out at me that fits, you know? Hopefully by the end of the revision I will be visited by the Ghost of Good Titles or the Spirit of Inspiration or whoever is in charge of helping writers out with slippery things).

Hope you're having a great start to your summer!

Back to the grindstone,