Monday, January 14, 2013

Cute boys with adorable puppies

Last time I was deep in the drafting trenches and unable to devote appropriate time to the blog, I gave you cute guys with kitties.

Today, I give you....

*drum roll*

.... cute boys with adorable puppies!


Sweet! So muscly and sweet!

Wholesomely adorbs.

A little intense, but still sweet. Looks like he's picking off a flea or something. Which is nice.

So adorable I could barf. On both of them.

A little hairy for my taste--the boy, not the super slick fox-dog. (I own that t-shirt, so I had to give the guy the cute-ness benefit of the doubt, despite the hair-growing-into-beard-spilling-down-neck action.)

You're welcome! Next time, tune in for Hot Guys with Kick ass Baby Goats! Or something. Seriously, y'all. This book is refusing to end. It is the book that will never end. I will probably still be writing pages in March or June or August. Or when I'm 50. Or 75. It will be my 1000 page magnum long-us.

Have a wonderful week. Send "get the book finished" vibes. Or chocolate. Or both.



Alexia561 said...

Can't wait for the Hot Guys with Kick ass Baby Goats post!

Sending intense "get the book finished already" vibes your way! And eating chocolate on your behalf! See what a caring, loving fan I am? :)

Voss Foster said...

I can send you virtual chocolate and good writing vibes. Although, if you keep putting up pictures of guys and dogs...I might be okay with you procrastinating a little bit longer...


Stacey Jay said...

Thank you, Alexia, you are a rock star!

And I hear you, Voss, I hear you. I may be sealing my own doom with the cute boy pictures.

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