Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Of Beast and Beauty" some early reviews!

I'm on the road with limited internet access, but I had to drop by and share these early reviews. I'm SO excited to see readers enjoying OF BEAST AND BEAUTY! 

Read on, and follow the link at the bottom to pre-order your signed copy from Hicklebee's in San Jose.

Early Reviews:
Publishers Weekly on OF BEAST AND BEAUTY:

"Jay’s characters are well-realized, and Isra, a blind princess destined to be sacrificed for her city, and Gem, a reluctant Monstrous warrior, have much more than superficial appearances to negotiate. There is a personal, romantic side to their struggle, but it’s the ideological, cultural, and cosmic perils that threaten to overwhelm them...Jay’s setup is intriguing and her writing assured." PW May 20, 2013
Bookseller Review from Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore:
"What makes Stacey Jay’s novel so great is that unlike most Beauty and the Beast retellings, which simply take the classical plot and transfer it to a different city in a different time period, Stacey Jay really takes ownership of the story. She truly transforms this classic love tale, breathing new and creative life into an old plot line. Of Beast and Beauty is a fantastic young adult romance." -Ashley
Tynga's Reviews:
"It’s been a really long time since a book made my heart speed up, my breathing shallow because I was so engrossed...It’s just been a while since a book managed to truly blow me away and make me love it so much...To put it simply, this book is a must read of 2013, no questions asked."
Books and Dirt Blogspot:
"What I loved (there was no like here, I swear I loved it all):" (Read full review here.)
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