Monday, January 14, 2013

Cute boys with adorable puppies

Last time I was deep in the drafting trenches and unable to devote appropriate time to the blog, I gave you cute guys with kitties.

Today, I give you....

*drum roll*

.... cute boys with adorable puppies!


Sweet! So muscly and sweet!

Wholesomely adorbs.

A little intense, but still sweet. Looks like he's picking off a flea or something. Which is nice.

So adorable I could barf. On both of them.

A little hairy for my taste--the boy, not the super slick fox-dog. (I own that t-shirt, so I had to give the guy the cute-ness benefit of the doubt, despite the hair-growing-into-beard-spilling-down-neck action.)

You're welcome! Next time, tune in for Hot Guys with Kick ass Baby Goats! Or something. Seriously, y'all. This book is refusing to end. It is the book that will never end. I will probably still be writing pages in March or June or August. Or when I'm 50. Or 75. It will be my 1000 page magnum long-us.

Have a wonderful week. Send "get the book finished" vibes. Or chocolate. Or both.


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Come see me Monday night at Books Inc!

This Monday at 6:30!

Come see me! Get free books! Pick up your signed copy of JULIET IMMORTAL or ROMEO REDEEMED!

Take a gander at the poster to find out where-->

Hope to have the chance to mingle with some of you. I'll be bringing lots of good books to add to the swap (and I won't take anything for myself, I promise, unless you have something I really want and then I may have to wrestle a lady or two.) I'll also have an Advanced Reader Copy of OF BEAST AND BEAUTY to give away. It was a hotly coveted item at last night's signing so be sure to show up and get your name in the pot tomorrow.

All best and thanks to Lauren Bjorkman, Kimberly Derting, and everyone who came out and made the event last night at Keplers a big success. (And additional thanks to Angela of Keplers who is such a complete doll I can hardly stand it. Thanks Angela!)

See you Monday?